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Wynonna Earp post-S2 finale interviews

Emily Andras sat with EW and The TV Junkies and discussed the S2 finale.


[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Wynonna saying goodbye to her baby was the last scene Melanie filmed for the season, it was done it one take; she wasn't feeling well on set that day and gave birth 4 days later. They went back and forth on whether it'd be a girl or a boy, but in the end wanted to have an Earp women legacy. It's safer for everyone if they don't know where Gus and the baby are headed, but it'll make it harder for our people to find the baby as well. For Wynonna to realize the baby would have a better life away from her is a very real story for a lot of mothers and something they thought was worth telling.

* They considered making the baby half Revenant, but it's a genre story they've seen a lot. Ultimately they decided it should be more grounded and just be a human baby, who just happens to be the progeny of an Earp and a Holliday. Bobo isn't Waverly's father, but he insists she's his kin, so there's some relation there. She's not a Revenant, but we still don't know for sure if she's not something else. But Mama Earp showing up could shed some answers on it.

* We've seen Peacemaker turn blue before, in the S1 finale when Wynonna mercy kills Willa. Emily has an idea of why Peacemaker turns blue when it does, but wants to leave it open for fan speculation. She says it has something to do with the Earps in particular and choices they're making. One of the biggest mistakes Wynonna made this year was when she wanted to force Rosita to act as a guinea pig to test the serum and told her 'I promise I will shoot you last'. Rosita has done everything she can to keep going and tried to better herself and fight on, in the end she made a terrible, terrible choice. She's also half demon, we've seen Bobo, who was a good mad as Robert, be unable to fight those instincts. She's fully evil now, but Emily says Rosita is an interesting three-dimensional character and they'd love to see more of Tamara Duarte next season, so there's always hope.

* Jeremy seems to know things, to be able to tell things, if we rewatch S2, we'll see several moments where he has insight into people or knows things he couldn't have known naturally. About the love triangle- all doors are open, but things have evolved between the three of them, including Doc and Dolls becoming friends. They wouldn't want o force Wynonna to choose one over the other until she's ready, which is a big old mess Emily can't wait to unravel.

* It's shocking that Wynonna obviously knows where Mama Earp is, it's interesting that she seems to have some sort of intel, not only into Waverly's parentage, but also the demon Bulshar. Waverly had no idea where their mom was, it might be a problem when she finds out Wynonna knew all along.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

* They knew they had to figure out a way to get the baby to safety, they weren't going to be a show that had a baby on screen, it wasn't feasible with Wynonna being the Earp heir and killing Revenants. It seemed consistent wit Wynonna's character that she'd be the type of woman who accidentally got pregnant, didn't have a lot of choices about what to do and then made the best choice by giving the baby a better life away from her. It's the ultimate selfless choice, if you truly think you cannot raise a baby on your own, in a healthy environment, to give it to someone who can. They didn't want to completely tie up Waverly's parentage storyline, because they think they still have a big story to tell about it and wanted to introduce Mama Earp. The scene where Wynonna tells Doc she named the baby after both their mothers moved crew members to tears, it was a moving, incredible scene.

* Emily cried at the end with Wynonna and Doc, but also when Wynonna was telling at Waverly that she's her sister and willing Peacemaker to fire. The scene encapsulates everything about the Earp sisters that she love. The pregnancy forced their hands and made them do a storyline you'd maybe hold off on until S6, but the audience for the most part trusted them, even if they weren't sure how it was going to work. Emily says she's interested in seeing how people think Doc reacted at the end, what feelings he was left with when they pulled away from him in the finale. She doesn't know if Doc and Wynonna will have the same reaction to giving the baby up. Doc went to hell when he died, he's kind of a mess, on top of that his girlfriend betrayed his baby mamma.

* They're looking forward to casting Mama Earp, Emily wants it to be Lucy Lawless, even if there's very little chance of it happening. In 2X05 when Waverly said the tentacle told her things and Wynonna had a reaction to her knowing her secrets, she thought Waverly was going to confront her about knowing where their mother was this whole time. Where is she, why did she leave, what part did Wynonna have in either making her leave or knowing where she is, why doesn't Waverly know- they'll go into it all in S3. There's always been this narrative that Mama Earp left her three little girls with a father who was kind of an alcoholic and not necessarily the best parent, now Wynonna is a mother who also has to give up her child, there are a lot of parallels that are really interesting. Wynonna might have a different take on her mom now that she's had to make such a difficult choice.

* Bobo calling Waverly 'kin'- it's an old-fashioned word that could mean a lot of things, it could mean family, it could mean 'of a kind', but it could also be Bobo once again screwing with everyone. Bobo is still around and may have answers. Waverly figuring it out will be a big part of S3. Nicole had Bulshar's ring and a folder on him and seems to be working with Dolls on it in secret.

* Rosita is a Revenant and is really stuck, she wasn't really part of the gang, her relationship with Doc was incredibly complicated, but the turn happened because Wynonna told her 'I'll shoot you last', not 'I'll protect you/I won't shoot you'. Rosita is a lot like Wynonna, she's a survivor and needs to keep going. She tried to better herself, she was made a Revenant by being caught in the crossfire, or so she says. Now she betrayed them and there'll be consequences, so she's on the run. Emily loves Tamara and would love to see her next season. They ended up falling in love with Varun, so they wrote more and more for Jeremy, they love him and his dynamic with everybody. He seems to know things he shouldn't be able to, there's the implication Black Badge didn't recruit him for his intellect, but for something else.

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Post finale thoughts, everyone? What's the verdict on S2?

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