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Netflix Death Note movie Japan premiere and Discussion post

I went to This Netflix Death note Japan premiere to see the movie yesterday.
There are Red carpet event . The Director and The cast and the producers came to the carpet and did autograph taking picture with fan . The casts was taller than I expected . It was really small red carpet .
Masi Oka was really short and wide ,, He seemed tired . maybe due to this movie critically panned .
After the red carpet ,There are stage event before screening , Japanese Idol group start greeting with the casts . One of them said spoiler ish thing .. The audience was really annoyed .lol  Lakeith stanfield was acting like weirdo whole premire   it's comes off really try hard .Sorry , Maybe He try to entertain us but ..  He started to eat a Onigiri on the stage .
Nat wolff said He will come back to Japan in November with his brother and do some gigs (Maybe The naked brothers band Which I really don't care)
 The cast was really high . the director too .
I noticed There are some distance in  between the cast , director and Masi Oka .
The cast and director super close but They don't interact with Masi Oka much . I thought it was weird .

 I hope you watch this movie on outside of Netflix . It's 2017 you can do it .

My Review , Spoiler , Feeling rant whatever

[Spoiler (click to open)]You should be mentally prepared to watch this movie .  Especially If you are already a fan of Death Note .
I warned you  . But I try to see this as total different thing .  Maybe You can try .
Every character in this movie with no inteligence . You can enjoy this movie as comedy or some kind of skit .
Every character are constantly yelling and shouting .
cry easily . sometime or mostly overact than Tatsuya Fujiwara(whom I think overact) .

Light Turner screamed like a girl when he saw Ryuk at First . it was really high pitch screaming .

The Plot was basically I got a Deah Note, I got a Girl , Let's have a sex .
I didn't know Death Note has some kind of sex magic .  Light like to brag Death note to mia . it was so easy and fast .
Light Turner hides his Death Note in His high school locker ,even in the final act .
FBI and L don't serch his high school locker. How ? Why ?  Isn't he a prime suspect ?
Mia Sutton and Light talking a loud about death note in the High school .
There is L was in Tokyo scene in this movie ,
 Japanese woman with top less dead bodys and other dead bodys  are all over in a Tokyo Night club .
 L was speaking Japanese in Tokyo scene and Sorry But I couldn't understand what he is saying .
Masi Oka can't act . He had a cameo as Japanese cop ,I think He can't act in English also in Japanese .
 L lose his temper easily , was crying like other character also  shouting .
 I think Ryuk's face was deformed . WATARI was really just a puppet .

Mia was kind of sex crazed . Light and mia melodrama was boring . I really hoped they can get killed fast .
Every one in this movie is so simple minded . The dialoges were really weird . Editing was odd .
The Ferris wheel slow  motion was so ametur and cringe . It really made me laugh .

The critic praised Lakieth Stanfield and Margaret qualley  but I didn't think They are that good .
So I Think The critics still have mercy and being nice .
This movie had me confusing . Because They tried to be comedy or ended up comedy by accident .
 Before End roll, There is some small behind scene ,
 I wonder they were really serious or trolling  while making this movie .
the video footage end with Margaret Qualley doing ballet .  I was like "Are you provoking me ? "
I wonder what kind of sexual favor Adam Wingard did to get job . How this hack got Godzilla vs King kong job .
Masi Oka you really dissapoint to me , maybe Masi It's time to go back to CGI department .
These Sell out Asian american producer shoulg go to some therapy for fix their sell out mind .
Roy lee ,Dan Lin Miri Yoon , Masi Oka .saw the Miri Yoon on the red carpet she seems really smug with smug face .

They should change the title to  CRINGE NOTE HOME COMING .

Discussion post or whatever post .

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