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Brie Larson, Others React to Sexual Assault Allegations at LA Theater, More Details Emerge

Though he has yet to officially comment, Cinefamily advisory board member Elijah Wood liked the following tweet sharing an LA Times article (linked below):


Hayley Pogue, Cinefamily worker from 2013-2014:
“The feminists at Cinefamily, they’re like the ‘Roman Polanski to Sharon Tate’ feminists. They love a wild girl, a ’60s type girl, who will get naked and listen to them talk about film—the ingenue-type thing. [...]It was really hard to get eye contact or respect the whole time I worked there.”
-Pogue also alleges that Belove engaged in sex with a volunteer at a screening.

Karina Chacham, Cinefamily volunteer from 2010 to 2016:
“It’s like [Belove] made Cinefamily to try and make a cult where he could fuck every girl that came in.”
-In addition to treating the theater like "a personal dating service", Chacham alleges that Belove engaged in oral sex with a volunteer at a birthday party for an employee in which co-workers were in attendance
-Chacham adds that Belove was "very threatened" by other men, including but not limited to the significant others of female staffers


Jenny Ryan, former Cinefamily employee:
"I was specifically told by management that I needed to be hiring ‘cute, young girls I'd want to fuck.’”

An anonymous former female Cinefamily employee:
-While on a business trip with Belove, she alleges that he told her a male journalist "might want to make out with her, because he goes for older women." (Said employee was in her early 30s at the time of the incident.)

The lawsuit another former employee filed against Belove includes claims of:
-making inappropriate comments about plaintiff's appearance and sexuality to plaintiff and to third persons
-engaging in repeated unwanted and inappropriate touching of plaintiff's body
-threatening plaintiff with losing her job if she did not comply with his repeated requests for private attention
-obsessing over Plaintiff and overseeing and dictating her every move
-telephoning and text messaging her at all hours of the night
-questioning her about her private dating life and personal relationships
-telling her that she was 'his person' and that he was 'jealous' of other men she spoke with.”
-attempting to "pimp her out' to a wealthy potential donor who wanted her to visit his hotel room.
-physically attacking the plaintiff "when she would not give him the attention he demanded."
-after complaining to Cinefamily, they told her it was her fault, forced her to confront Belove and refused to take any action against him


- Trevor Jones, executive managing director of Cinefamily, claims he never received any complaints alleging the assault mentioned in the viral e-mail, and denies that Cinefamily would cover up or dismiss any claims if he had.

This is a follow-up to this post. I recommend reading the source articles. Some truly loathsome stuff has been covered up for too long and it's important that these voices be heard.

ETA: Mods, source quotes have been edited.

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