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Charli XCX and Halsey cover Billboard magazine

Charli XCX is opening for Halsey on Halsey's upcoming tour and they covered Billboard Magazine together
Charli “The polished pop-star thing is kind of dead”
Halsey: “Part of our brand is ‘hot mess,’”

- People are skeptical of singers from reality TV and female artists in general and from the beginning, both of them experienced people doubting their songwriting talents.

-According to Charli, Camila Cabello is a great writer and she wasn't expecting her to be as involved as she was in the songwriting process. Halsey worked with Lauren Jauregui who's also from 5H and they both like her.

They've both only punched guys in the face. Halsey punched a guy in the hallway of high school after she fainted in biology class and he called her a slut who fainted in biology class.

-Halsey claims she got a perfect score on her SATs

-Charli says age isn't really a thing in music but there's an idea in the media that there's an appropriate age to be a popstar.

-Halsey says she's really good friends with Katy Perry and she doesn't like the way people are treating her because people should be allowed to change and grow up as artists.

-Halsey would've been like Stevie Nicks if she were a celebrity in the 70s but she thinks she would've been less likable and popular then.

-Halsey says she has a movie coming out next year that she can't talk about and her other friend Jared Leto has been giving her acting pointers.

-Halsey wants to die from skydiving or something like skydiving.

Tags: black celebrities, charli xcx, fifth harmony, interview, jared leto / 30stm, katy perry, magazine covers and articles, music / musician (pop), stevie nicks

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