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Tig Notaro Wants Louis CK to Come Clean on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Multiple female comedians have alleged that Louis CK has been inappropriate with them, accusing him of exposing himself and masturbating in front of them and making them watch. Comedian Jen Kirkman was the first to allege such misconduct on a podcast and more women came forward after.

Louis CK produces Tig Notaro's series One Mississippi and also sold her cancer series on his website. Nevertheless, she says he is not involved with the show in any creative way and has gone on to urge him to come clean about his alleged behavior: "I think it’s important to take care of that, to handle that, because it’s serious to be assaulted. It’s serious to be harassed. It’s serious, it’s serious, it’s serious."

Her show actually deals with a situation very similar to Louis CK's alleged misconduct: "That’s what we want to do with this show. We of course want to create comedy, but we also really, really feel like we have the opportunity to do something with One Mississippi, because it does not stop. And, you know, I walk around doing shows at comedy clubs and you just hear from people left and right of what some big-shot comedian or person has done. People just excuse it."

Tags: comedy / comedian, louis c.k., sexism

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