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[PIC HEAVY] Fashion photographer Chuando turned 51!


  • Coming in at 185cm, 78kgs Chuando turned 51 this year. Born March 3rd 1966

  • Was actually quite shocked at the attention he got for this

  • Is actually quite shy

  • He explains his secret is eating healthy 'you are what you eat'

  • The author had breakfast with him, confirms he does not have any blemishes, eyebags, didnt use foundation

  • Does have minor laugh lines

  • Does dye his hair, although he says he likes the salt/pepper look, says that it hasn't evenly spread enough for it to look good

  • Only procedure he has ever done was botox, he didn't like the results so never went back

  • Usually goes to the gym 5 times a week, 1.5 hours. But is now going only 3 times

  • Someone wanted him to post pics of his feet. There were requests for him to be a stripper (im sure they mean escort)

  • Photograhed Janet's Discipline album cover

  • Had a career as a model when he was 16 but stopped when he was in his 20s because he didn't like being in the limelight

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SINGAPOREN DADDY TBH!!! ONTD, who do you think is a dilf?
Tags: asian celebrities, fashion, meow meow meow, models

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