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LA Celebrity-Funded Theater Owner Resigns Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

The Cinefamily is a popular Los Angeles repertory theater that is sponsored (and frequented) by many celebrities.

An anonymous e-mail sent out on Monday to Cinefamily employees past and present, as well as its famous donors and board members, alleged that Hadrian Belove, its co-founder, has a string of sexual misconduct lawsuits (as well as additional allegations) following in his wake. It also alleges that several Cinefamily board members are complicit in covering up said harassment. This e-mail soon became a viral post shared widely first on Facebook, then Twitter.

The woman who filed the lawsuit also alleged that in April of that year, Belove tried to "pimp her out' to a wealthy potential donor who wanted her to visit him in his hotel room," and that Belove physically attacked her a month later "when she would not give him the attention he demanded," according to the lawsuit. She alleges that when she complained to Cinefamily, they responded by "telling her it was her fault, forcing her to confront her harasser, and refusing to take any actions against Belove for his inappropriate behavior."

After the news went viral, Belove chose to resign, yet maintains his own innocence. Former employees at the theater, however, have become vocal in their disagreement with this claim.

Although the initital Facebook post which went viral regarding the anonymous e-mail's content has since been deleted, screencaps of its contents have been shared on Twitter by Guardian journalist Priscilla Page:

Celebs who have shared Page's above tweets include director Lexi Alexander, GLOW and New Girl writer Marquita Robinson, and comedian Claire Downs.

Cinefamily's donors include:
The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, Creative Artists Agency, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, Jodie Foster, Jon Favreau, Robert Zemeckis, Brett Ratner

Cinefamily's advisory board includes:
Brie Larson, Elijah Wood, Spike Jonze, Richard Linklater, Michael Cera, Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Terrence Malick, Christina Oh, Michael Lehmann, Stephin Merritt, Dana Gould, Allison Anders, Alex Kurtzman, Miguel Arteta, Liz Goldwyn

Although included in the initial anonymous e-mail, as well as reached out to on social media, the names listed above have yet to comment.

ETA: Jay Duplass just liked a tweet which said: "I'm extremely proud to be in the @cinefamily and believe that trial by facebook and twitter are destructive to all humans involved."

This is especially uncute after several more female ex-employees have corroborated not only the contents of the anonymous e-mail but added that it only scrapes the surface of the abuse covered up by the company.

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This really is the week of Hollywood creeps being exposed. Truly hope these women see some justice.
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