Flint Marko (flint_marko) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Flint Marko

Lakeith Stanfield (L) explains why Netflix’s new Death Note film isn’t whitewashing

"As far as the issue of whitewashing, I think it's a fundamental misunderstanding. Especially when applied to this film in particular, because this film takes place in Seattle, in America. So it would make sense that the cast reflects American demographics.

There is an Asian-American [character] in the film. If people would go out and see it, they would realize that. But the idea that we should turn the whole cast into a Japanese cast just doesn't fit the demographics of America. And that's the reason it didn't happen. It's not because we were trying to make a conscious decision to not cast — at least, this is my opinion. I'm not the person in charge of it.

I understand why people would be mad. I understand people who are really big fans of the source material would not like to see it changed. I totally get that. I've been hearing the term “blackwashing,” which is funny, as applied to me with L. I just think it's great. I love that word."

Tags: anime / manga, apology / damage control, black celebrities, netflix, race / racism, white washing

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