Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC (hoot) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC

Is Tom Cruise wearing a fake butt? Twitter debates Tom's booty

Is Tom Cruise's butt Xenu-given or is he wearing butt-augmenting underwear? This is the important debate you may have witnessed on Twitter over the past 48 hours. It all started with a tweet posted by the appropriately named "iluvbutts247" featuring a screenshot from the movie Valkyrie:

This sparked a lively debate and a number of theories about Tom's badonk.

The leading (and least fun) theory is that the butt belongs to a stuntman wearing butt padding for protection. But why does the stuntman have a butt that would put a Kardashian to shame? Is it necessary?

Others argue it was just a weird angle and could very well have been Tommy Boy's ass all along.

Others think this butt-augmenting conspiracy runs deep and proof was found in Toby Macguire's Spiderman. Are Hollywood men just concerned about having flat butts?

Nah, probably just butt-padding to protect the stuntman's hinder. Nearly all of Twitter agreed that the butt was too juicy though.

What do you think ONTD? Is it a stunt-butt, CGI, or does reaching clear give you dat ass?

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Tags: conspiracy theories, slow news day, tom cruise

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