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Laurieann Gibson on leaving Gaga's team: "It got sticky to be a black woman behind a white female"

21:00 - 27:00+

Choreographer Laurieann Gibson aka Boomkack unlocked some details about the reasons she stopped working with Lady Gaga.

This is the first time she has ever revealed any details about what led to the end of her relationship with Lady Gaga. She goes into detail about no longer wanting to be a "yes" man.

"Many people don't know that I met her [Gaga] unsigned before she recorded 'Just Dance' and developed her for years before all the music was made and when no one was looking." She claims she met Gaga shortly after being fired by Diddy, "I was like 'I don't want to work with any black people!'... Not that it was right, but it was difficult for them to understand my gift and my vision."

She goes on to subtly take credit for Gaga's image, "I saw someone that was broken. When you have a dream and you know that if you don't acquire this dream that you're going to cease to exist. It's a different kind of pain, a different kind of hope that comes from an artist's eyes. I was in the same place, I'm truly an artist myself so when I see that what I do is fight for an artist. I pull a vision out. It's very difficult when you're the one carrying the vision even when the artist can't see it and nobody around them sees it. She was fearless enough to listen to everything that my gift required and allowed me to be free to create."

After claiming to have wirrten the "Monster Ball" as a young girl, she says, "When this business gets you to a certain place, the fame is a drug. And there's actually a time when you see the drug operate and you have a moment to make a decision as an artist. If you drink that kool-aid and if you take on that drug of fame, you're going to have to live that out. I think some artists lose their way."

"It got sticky to be oppressed and to be a black woman behind a white female and not have the freedom to continue to do what I did everyday, creatively, every show, every step and have the respect. So, I couldn't fight anymore. I couldn't fight everyone that was intimidated or affected by my gift and the fact that I'm a black woman, the fact that I'm not going to say yes when it's not right. I'm not going to allow my artist to set their pussy on fire... Once you stop my collabortation from being honest then I have to leave."

"When you are emmy nominated, writing The Monster Ball, directing You & I, and you're continuing to evolve creatively and maintain an artist in that number one spot that's something that should not only be respected but should be talked about."

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