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Did ONTD Lush Queen Sandra Lee Win on Celebrity Family Feud?

• ONTD's fave Auntie, Sandra Lee, appeared on ABC's Celebrity Family Feud against actress Lea Thompson.

• Fill in the blank with Sponge _______ was given to the Lee family.

• Aunt Sandy took a guess that would determine whether they would win or lose. Did our lush queen come through with a win or did the pressure of preparing Family Feud themed tablescapes for the crew get to her? Click the cut below to find out this burning question!

Sandra Lee took a guess with....Sponge Top. Idk.

Was it on the board?

bruh. The Lee family get one more on the board but fail to guess the last answer on the board and the Thompson family are up for the steal and...

Aunt Sandy approves of Lea's answer and remembers of course...my Kwanza Cake!

Sandra Lee and fam. lose and the Thompson family win. wewererootingforyou.gif

Oh well...not all is lost. Who is up for cocktail? Just one shot of vodka.

You can watch that painful ending with cocktail in hand here...

Stream the full episode here.

ONTD, what is your favorite Summer Cocktail?

Sources: Me, 1 | 2 | 3
Tags: food network / cooking show stars, television - abc

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