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FaZe Banks is Suing Jake Paul After Alleged False Accusations of Assault


- Jake Paul in his latest video accuses FaZe Banks of assaulting his assistant at a club, saying he allegedly choked her and was cheating on his girlfriend (who is Jake's ex) Alissa Violet

- FaZe says that a Team 10 member DM'd him about the assistant's bruise and said she knows it was an accident but they assume he may have hit her on accident at the club

- He gets his friends who were with him that night to back up his story and explain that they did not see him hit anyone and if he did, it was likely an accident

- They don't know who's in Team 10. Members of Team 10 approached them to hang out that night.

- His friend said that one of the members said "don't tell Jake we're hanging out with you and Banks".

- His friend said that the Team 10 members were trying to get Banks blackout drunk

- FaZe Banks says that he's never been this drunk before prior to that night and believes that the Team 10 members drugged his drink

- He believes that the reason why he's dragged into this drama is that he is dating Jake Paul's ex, Alissa Violet

- Alissa Violet admits that Jake has assaulted her several times and is very aggressive and says his exes have reached out to her (2-3 other girls) and also confirmed that they've experienced the same kind of abuse.

- At the end of the video, FaZe Banks says he is suing Jake Paul, his assistant, and the members of Team 10 who appeared in the alleged fake accusation video due to the defamation of character, slander, and libel they have caused him.

- In other news, Jake Paul's subscriber count is dropping due to his latest video!

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