The Midsommar May Queen (shangri__la) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Midsommar May Queen

Gemini Trailer - Neo-Noir Stars Zoe Kravitz, Lola Kirke and John Cho

Synopsis: Zoe Kravitz stars as Heather Anderson, a hot young actress plagued by paparazzi and her own ego. But her best friend and assistant Jill (Lola Kirke) offers a grounding presence, and unwavering loyalty, to Heather. But despite her best efforts, Heather seems more than a little unhinged, resulting in a death (or accident?) that Jill horrifyingly discovers. Embroiled in a crime investigation led by John Cho’s strapping police detective, Jill finds herself questioning her relationship with Heather, and possibly her own reality.

The film will be released Spring 2018.


Sign me the fuck up.
Tags: film - drama, film trailer / stills / clips, john cho, zoë kravitz

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