Are Juggalos gonna fight Nazis in DC on Sept. 16th?

- Trump supporters, most recently in the news for being Nazi sympathizers, are planning "The Mother of All Rallies," or "The Woodstock of Rallies," in DC next month, but Juggalos, best known for doing drugs at a music festival, plan to be on the Mall for the Juggalo March the same day.

- Juggalos are upset about having been classified as a gang in a 2011 DOJ report. Trump-supporting and Trump-supported white supremacists killed a woman and injured others this past weekend, 8 years after Republicans demanded that the DHS retract a report on growing right-wing extremism, so maybe the Juggalos have a point about being unduly targeted.

- The internet wants to see Juggalos to fight Nazis.