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Unknown Bag Company Attacks Chrissy Teigen, Claims They Were Hacked

It started innocently enough, with Chrissy Teigen tweeting about Donald Trump. Something nearly everyone else on Twitter was doing as a result of his support of neo-Nazis.

Hours later, an unknown company that makes knockoff baby bags started attacking Chrissy.

What follows is a remedial course on how not to use social media to establish your brand...

Nova Harley (which is a baby bag company and not a white trash unique baby name) originally attacked Hilaria Baldwin for her tweet to Trump, but she did not reply.

At this point, they give up and claim they were hacked...

As they were apologizing, it seems as though the "hacker" must have gained control of their account again!

Company has regained control? Hacker eliminated!

The "hacker" and the person who runs social media for Nova Harley share a very similar typing style, so it is hard to know which of them is now running the Twitter.

At this point, I think it is fair to say that this knock-off brand is run by Ivanka Trump and Donald is the hacker...

Despite suggesting Chrissy was unheard of and they did not know her, their timeline shows they seem to have at least a slight idea as to who she is.

We can only assume this hacking event is a small bump in the road and they will continue attracting A Listers to promote their brand.

24 hours later and "the hackers" look to have control again!

This looks to be an ongoing thing, so I will add any extra tweets that get posted today.

Sources: Chrissy Teigen's Twitter, Nova Harley's Twitter
Tags: celebrity social media, chrissy teigen / john legend, donald trump, hacked

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