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Shadowhunters Season 2 Finale "Beside Still Water" - Post-Mortem, Interviews & More

-Some "strange things" happened to Jace whilst he was temporarily dead, but not afterlife things.
-'Sebastian Verlac' is dead, but they don't want to 'spoil' next season’s plot re: the "destiny of Jonathan Morgenstern" for fans who haven’t read the wiki.
-Lilith (who we saw at the end) is confirmed as Season 3’s Big Bad.
-Clary going postal on Valentine with that knife was a sign of a 'darker Clary' in her "ferociousness and her relentlessness at killing him [...] Clary will never be the same after this." Basically, sis isn't going back to Art School.
-Unsure if Sarah Hyland is sticking around as the Seelie Queen – depends on the Modern Family shooting schedule.
-MALEC ARE OFFICIALLY BACK TOGETHER! (duh) "And better than ever!" Todd says "we're exploring the intimacy and domesticity and pushing that relationship further along with added complications".
-Izzy will be moving forward into Season 3 with her troubles behind her, and a new appreciation for the Mundanes thanks to AA meetings etc.

-Valentine killing Jace was her breaking point, and the last thing he could take from her, "you see her break [...] you see her go into almost a blind rage."
-When they filmed Clary didn’t stab Valentine that many times, it was edited in post to drive home the point, "she has taken that step, she is a Shadowhunter now".
-On the Morgernsterness within her being Valentine's undoing: "It’s that fierceness and that feral nature that Valentine and Jonathan both have that comes out of her for the first time, and I think it even scares Valentine a little bit".

 photo tumblr_ouqju6QTlQ1tubgsro4_500_zpsxqryachp.gif

-Kat wrote her first original single 'Ember' right after they finished shooting Season 1, partially inspired by the characters, but also by things happening in her own life: "we all have moments in life when we doubt who we are because of someone or something that’s happened to us, but despite all of that, there’s a little ember of hope that always is within each one of us — there’s a spark in the ashes that’s ready to reignite at any moment and that moment is what the song is about".
-'Ember' played over the party scene at the end.

{Matthew Daddario Looking Fine AF for RAW Magazine}

{Exclusive MALEC Photobooth Pictures Unlocked! Cuteness Alert...}

{Harry Shum Jr and Alan Van Sprang Engage in the Staring Contest to End ALL Staring Contests...}

{Announcement: Filming Begins Next Week!}

{Behind The Scenes of The Finale}

[DOUBLE CUT to save your browsers!]

{Adorable Cast Viewing Party at Isaiah's Place!}

alanvansprang Thank you fandom for 2 seasons of love!!! Love you!!

{Highlights from This Week's Cast Live Tweet}

{The Cast Say a Fond Goodbye to Alan Van Sprang, Rest In Pieces Valentine!}

kitkatsmeow Father dearest, it has been such a pleasure and a privilege working with you on @shadowhunterstv. You are brilliant and your Valentine was vile and viscous. Thank you for all your incredible work! 🖤 @alanvansprang

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SPOILER WARNING! Thoughts on the Season Finale, ONTD ShadowFam? Thank you for a great season in comments!
I'll still be making periodic posts over the hiatus, so Tipsy Luke is here to stay!

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