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Riz Ahmed Snuck into Queens College & Fooled Everyone with His American Accent

- Talks about his horrible audition for Slumdog Millionaire, pushed director Danny Boyle up against a wall, thought he did great (he did not)
- Started sneaking into Queens College while filming The Night Of, for research and to help improve his accents
- Started hanging out with people in classes, used Nas as his name, got invited to parties and even gave his number out

- His band's name, Swet Shop Boys, is named that way because bandmate Heems thought it would look good on t-shirts with 4 letters on each line (haven't made shirts yet though)
- His first concert was Michael Jackson at the age of 8, his dad managed to get 1 for him, just him
- Riz's dad hands him off to the first family his dad sees and tells them to take care of him
- Talks about reaching out to Lin-Manuel Miranda about how awesome Hamilton: An American Musical was, and in turn Lin-Manuel went through his discography and fangirled back, which is basically how Riz ended up on the mixtape

- People recognize him on the street a lot, but they don't know what they recognize him from. They just stare at him confusedly and ask if they know him from somewhere; Riz trolls them sometimes
- Talks about getting "randomly selected" for searches at the airport and how the TSA agents recognize him and ask for selfies
- Talks about The Ahmed Three" aka the time when he was at an airport and they called for "Mr. Ahmed" and 3 different dudes including him showed up
- Riz took a photo with the other Ahmeds and it went viral to the point of fan art being created about this fake band; jokes first single will be "Randomly Searching for You"

sources: 1 2 3
Tags: british celebrities, interview, jimmy fallon, late night talk show, riz ahmed, south asian celebrities

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