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Leah Remini Talks Scientology on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Part 1
- Leah's dress accidentally ripped in the dressing room (Or was it Scientology's doing? 👀)
- Scientology and the Aftermath was inspired by other people's stories instead of her own experience
- Scientology is fine with you leaving if you leave quietly, but you are an enemy if you speak out against them. Because this policy effectively silences people from confirming stories of former members, Leah decided to be vocal as a form of supporting those that are speaking out that she acknowledges and reaffirms their experiences
- Was always aware of disconnection as a policy, but you don't view yourself as someone that would become a victim of it because they ingrained an "us vs them" mentality that suggests only those that are "evil" would be disconnected (aka won't happen to you)
- Despite more information available about Scientology now compared to the past, Scientologists still don't hear that information because they are taught to not listen to the media/critics
- Verifying information you hear from ex-Scientologists is essentially impossible for current members due to SP (Suppressive person) policies preventing you from talking to them

Part 2
- Both celebrities and non-celebrities are encouraged to recruit people into Scientology
- Seth is bummed that no one ever tried recruiting him. Leah relates to his disappointment as she was never hit on as a celebrity by another celebrity/insider
- Attempts a mutual bargin where they fulfill each other's dreams
- Goes awry as Seth points out that him flirting with Leah would end up going nowhere as she's already married, and he's stuck as a Scientologist who lost 250,000 dollars
- Scientologists are incentivized to recruit by earning 10% of whatever their recruits spend on the Church
- Celebrities and non-celebrities' jobs are to present themselves as good prefect people that offer a solution to your problems via Scientology
- Jokingly point out that perfect people are suspicious

Sources 1 / 2
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