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The cast of Younger gushes over Peter Hermann + another preview for tomorrow's episode

-The cast talks about how perfect, goofy, smart and well-spoken Peter Hermann is

Charles' ex wife is back and she wrote a book about her marriage which causes problems with Liza and Charles

[spoilers for the episode]
-Pauline (Charles' ex wife) wrote a book and named it "Marriage Vacation" and wants to publish it, Charles doesn't want to publish it
-Page 58 of the book is about Charles' #Empiriconda
-Liza convinces Charles to talk to Pauline
-Liza babysits for Charles and they share a poignant conversation. The dinner with Pauline lasts longer than expected.
-Pauline says she lost sight of who she was being a wife on the arm of her successful husband (so obviously she left him for another man).
-Liza tells Charles Pauline wants him back but Charles tells her that won't happen
-Josh and Kelsey agree to help each other find dates
-Liza introduces Josh to an Irish bartender and they hit it off
thank you ohsnapitzashley

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