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Colbert interviews Scaramucci, and talks Charlottesville

Part 1

  • IRL Boneitis victim, Anthony Scaramucci, calls Trump a "compassionate person" and says he sacrificed his "luxurious lifestyle" to do a "super tough job", Colbert calls BS

  • Colbert tries to get direct answers about Trump's response to Charlottesville from wayward sentient chin, Anthony Scaramucci

  • Human tanning bed, Anthony Scaramucci, says Steve Bannon is a leaker

Part 2

  • President of the Joe-Pesci-in-Goodfellas fanclub, Anthony Scaramucci, doesn't know if Steve Bannon is a white supremacist because he never asked him

  • Sexually transmitted cow disease, Anthony Scara-moo-cci, says some shit that clearly demonstrates he doesn't know the difference between racism and prejudice

  • National Hair Gel Reserve, Anthony Scaramucci, gifts Colbert with a literal front-stabbing knife with his name on it


  • Addresses Charlottesville tragedy and Trump's subsequent weak statement

  • Colbert points out all the other shit Trump is quicker to criticize than Nazis

  • Tiki Brand, the company that manufactures the tiki torches the Charlottesville nazis used, even came out with a better statement

Note: Moochie died on the way back to his home planet

sources: 1 2 3
Tags: donald trump, interview, late night talk show, politics, stephen colbert / the colbert report, television - cbs

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