Celebs react to Trump's piss poor reaction regarding terrorist attack at Neo Nazi rally

+ Many lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have condemned this terrorist attack from Orrin Hatch to Marco "twitter fingers" Rubio. They've mostly all called this a domestic terror attack because, yes, white people can do such things as well. While Urinator-in-Chief has spoken about the attack, he has yet to condemn the actual groups (his voter base) for the violence and blamed the "many sides". Trump has been dragged by nearly everyone for his lukewarm response. His responses afterwards have also been awful. The driver of the car has been identified by law enforcement and some of the names of the Neo-Nazi protestors from Friday are trickling out. It's a shame his pastor and family didn't report him after he was radicalized. The FBI and DOJ are also launching an investigation re: saturday's protest and terrorist attack.


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