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28 Episodes Of "Forensic Files" That Are So Creepy You'll Scream

1. Season 7, Episode 42 — "Last Will"

About: Sharon ("Shari") Smith, kidnapped and murdered in South Carolina in 1985, died about two hours after writing her last will which her killer sent to her parents. The document itself enabled police to identify and convict Larry Gene Bell.

2. Season 14, Episode 17 — "Seeing Red"

About: In 2005, the body of young mother Summer Baldwin was found in a suitcase in a Texas landfill. The suitcase leads investigators to Rosendo Rodriguez and the forensic evidence against him was formidable. Upon a search of his computer, authorities discover that Rodriguez had been following the news surrounding teenager Joanna Rogers, who had gone missing in 2004. Upon extensive search of the same landfill, Rogers' decomposing body was also found in a suitcase.

Season 6, Episode 18 — "Bad Blood"

About: In 1992, in a rural Canadian community, Dr. John Schneeberger is accused of sedating and sexually assaulting one of his female patients and his step daughter. DNA tests demonstrate that the doctor is innocent, but the female patient still insists that he sedated and raped her. On three occasions, blood was taken from the doctor's arm for DNA testing, and each time, the results exonerated Schneeberger. Seven years later, a private investigator takes lip balm from Schneeberger's car, has it DNA-tested and the results were a match to the perpetrator. So, how did Dr. Schneeberger trick earlier investigators?

4. Season 7, Episode 10 — "Without a Prayer"

About: The Madalyn Murray O'Hair case is related. The founder of American Atheists disappeared in 1995 along with one of her sons and granddaughter, along with $500,000 in gold coins. In time, the police homed in on several suspects, including David R. Waters, who worked as the office manager for O'Hair's organization. In 2001, he led authorities to her grave, located on a ranch near San Antonio.

5. Season 14, Episode 11 — "Water Logged"

About: In 1989, the dead bodies of Joan Rogers and her two teenage daughters were found floating in Tampa Bay. The water washed away any evidence, but police hoped a handwritten note found in the victims' car would lead to the killer, so they posted huge copies of the note on five highway billboards. By doing this, they received a call from a woman, for whom Oba Chandler had done work, and they positively identified his handwriting, as well as a palm print left on the note.

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