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Riverdale Roundup: Meet Veronica's Ex, Deleted Scenes, Other Stuff

-Graham Phillips (from The Good Wife) plays Nick St. Clair, Veronica's ex-boyfriend who will appear in two episodes. In the comics, he was a stereotypical "bad boy" who wore a leather jacket and rode a motorcycle and stuff. On the show, he'll be a privileged little shit.

-Apparently he brings out Veronica's "dark side" but eventually all the girls will band together to get rid of him.


This deleted scene was probably filmed in case they didn't get renewed since it's all about Alice and Hal offering Jughead a place to stay in the season finale so that he doesn't have to change high schools.

In this one, Clifford Bloosom watches camera footage of Bughead sneaking around his house

EXCLUSIVE @CW_Riverdale DELETED SCENE: Why is Clifford Blossom watching security footage of Betty and Jughead? 😮 pic.twitter.com/P24dBcQhjP

— PopBuzz (@popbuzz) August 10, 2017


Episode 6 will be titled Death Proof, and RAS is really leaning hard on the civil war stuff brewing already. Mind you this image is taken from Mark Waid's current Archie title wherein Archie and Reggie's drag race resulted in Betty Cooper becoming paralyzed from the waist down. I doubt that's happening on the show though. Not until season three at least :P

two months away from this mess coming back
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