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Late Night Opening Monologue Round Up: Corden, Colbert, Kimmel, and Meyers

The Late Late Show with James Corden

What was late night's opening monologue fodder?

- On Corden, he talks about Trump firing off at McConnell. The jokes are on tweeting while golfing and McConnell not knowing how to use Twitter. He mentions the giant inflatable chicken with Trump hair floating behind the White House. He talks about how Scaramucci compared himself to Monica Lewinsky.

- On Colbert, he also talked about Trump v. McConnell. He jokes about Trump posting a video being all-American. Colbert doesn't want the world to blow up. He talks about the tense relationship between Trump and Colbert.

- On Kimmel, he tees into Trump ratching it up in regards to North Korea. Kimmel wonders where Dennis Rodman is to help? They joke about if Trump is drunk right now. Kimmel calls him TRAGIC for RT-ing a fake poll on Twitter and being needy.

- On Meyers, he also hits up the Trump v. North Korea. He jokes about Tillerson saying that Americans should sleep nicely, but we haven't since November. "Fire and fury" wasn't vetted language. Seth brings up Spicer being seen at the Red Soxs game. Also, the latest rumor of Stephen Miller possibly taking Spicer's previous role which we don't want. BONUS: Tammy Duckworth

[The Late Show with Stephen Colbert]

[Jimmy Kimmel Live!]

[Late Night with Seth Meyers]


[The Daily Show with Trevor Noah]

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