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Zedd on Billboard: Explains 'How It Went Down' with Liam Payne Collaboration "Get Low"

• The song was originally intended for a band [not specified which band].

• "Get Low" started off with chords...produced a beat over it. Started to sound very "Summer-y" and strayed far from what he originally intended. That band turned it down via text which did not surprise Zedd.

• He started working on the song alone and was looking for a vocalist. Cut to a few months later Zedd is introduced to Lime and it was "bro..." at first sight (out of all the Equinox gyms in LA and he had to walk into mine). Lime then visits Zedd at his Hollywood Hills home and they both go on a romantic bro date and share each others music.

• Things weren't always on the up & up however as the brolationship hit a rough patch when Liam was in London and Zedd in LA so recording their duet "Get Low" proved difficult. But like with any power couple the two worked through it and Lime recorded his vocals in London while Zedd completed production in Los Angeles. Fin.

Get low / Get low / Hands on your waist let's go!

ONTD, do you get low on the dancefloor?

Sources: 1 | 2
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