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Ryan Murphy Thinks Homophobia Killed Gianni Versace

  • “More than why [Versace] was killed, I think it was why it was allowed to happen,” Ryan Murphy said of the involvement of homophobia in the killing o Gianni Versace, subject of the upcoming season of American Crime Story.

  • At the time, Andrew Cunanan [Gianni's killer] managed to make his way around the country after killing at least five people and despite of he being on the FBI's most-wanted list and assumed to be living in South Florida, Miami police refused to put up Wanted posters [because most of the victims were open gay men according to Ryan].

  • Murphy says that the Versace family will probably like certain things and be uncomfortable by others if they watch the show. He's going to address Gianni being HIV positive which is something that was never pubicly confirmed by his relatives.

  • Ryan also approached Antonio D’Amico [Gianni's longtime partner] to tell him he will make everyone fall in love with his relationship with Versace.


Will you be watching this season, ONTD? Thoughts on Gianni's murder? TYFYA!
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