Cardi B Gets Called Out For Calling Dark Skinned Women "Roaches", Acts a Mess in Response

-A twitter user took it upon himself to create a thread of the multiple times Cardi B has called other black women "roaches". Note: every single one of her tweets has been deleted, but you can find screenshots. The user also referenced Cardi's transphobic tweets.
-Once Cardi caught wind of this, she responded with this tweet, telling the creator of the thread: "Your arab ass trying to make shit into being a racist you got no idea what its like being one of color in this country so stfu."
-This was soon deleted when Cardi was again called out for dismissing an Arab's status as a Person of Color, especially after she heavily referenced (or appropriated, whatever you prefer) arab culture in her Bodak Yellow video.


What do YOU make of this mess, ONTD?