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Taylor Swift's sexual assault trial: day three

Follow up to this and this post

- Despite claims that it was Mueller's boss that groped Taylor instead (??), photo evidence shows that this was not the case, with the photo of Eddie Haskell and Taylor being a normal M&G photo.
- One of the assistants said Swift told them shortly after the photo with Mueller was taken: "Dude, that guy just grabbed my ass."
- Others testified in prior depositions that they had never seen Swift react to a photo-shoot in that way.
- Backtracking on yesterday's comments that he "touched her ribs", Mueller now says that he had "no idea" where his hand was
- Mueller acknowledged that he told approximately 37 people in the radio industry about the allegations between him and Swift and his firing from KYGO
-Mueller admits he has never filled out an application for a job outside of the radio industry, though he says he had sought jobs. Yesterday he stated that he had applied for a dozen jobs.
- He admits he’s only sought on-air personality jobs in top 20 markets
- It is alleged that Mueller was drunk when he got into the room to take the photo.

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