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"I can't look like a copycat of J.Lo" Old texts reveal why Gaga begged to be credited on J.Lo's song

- Chicago-local singer Rebecca Francescatti sued Lady Gaga in 2011 for copyright infringement because she claimed it was based on her own song 'Juda.'

- The judge originally ruled in Gaga's favor, but Francescatti appealed the decision and the case was finally settled out of court.

- Now DailyMail is revealing the texts in the 2011 court documents sent by Lady Gaga which allegedly show she 'lied' to Jennifer Lopez to save her own reputation. The texts were part of Francescatti's argument intended to show Gaga as someone who is capable of copying another artist.

- In the texts, Lady Gaga was worried Judas sounded too similar to J.Lo's 'Invading My Mind', and begged RedOne to credit her on the song.

text transcriptCollapse )

More info + Court documents @ Source
Tags: celebrity feud, jennifer lopez, lady gaga, music / musician, music / musician (pop), music / musician (producers), scandal
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