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Marvel writer Jonathan Hickman says F4 comics cancelled over movie rights

  • The Fantastic Four - Marvel's First Family of superheroes that have been around since 1961 - have been noticeably phased out of the Marvel franchise over the years, starting with the cancellation of their comics.

  • Many have speculated this is due to Marvel Studios - owned by Disney - not owning the rights of the F4 and wanting to downplay the franchise to spite Fox, the company that does own the F4 (as well as the X-Men, who were also allegedly subject to the treatment). Fox, of course, has made a mess of the fran4chise.

  • Jonathan Hickman had previously written the Fantastic Four as well as a few spinoffs relating to the F4, and in an interview with Newsarama, has stated that "it’s pretty common knowledge at this point that Marvel isn't publishing....because of their disagreement with Fox."  As well as disagreeing with Tom Brevoort over the relevancy of the Fantastic Four within the Marvel universe. Many have taken his word for it, as Hickman is considered a high-up writer, having recently written the Secret Wars event.

  • Ben Grimm AKA The Thing pops up regularly in Infamous Iron Man (starring iconic Marvel character and Romani legend Doctor Doom) and is expected to appear in Marvel's upcoming Legacy titles, while Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch is in Uncanny Avengers / hanging out with the Flophumans not the X-men. Fox is also planning a Doctor Doom solo movie that better not star a white man but probably will and one yall will stan for anyway.

  • In other news, DC is going to launch the Terrifics in response to Marvel phasing out their first family. I'm not kidding.

how do you feel about this information, ontd? do you believe hickman? and new sources added!
source source source source
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