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Brooklyn Beckham talks to W magazine about his distinguished career as a photographer

· In case you didn't know: Brooklyn is the 18 y/o son of David & Victoria Beckham. He's spent the past couple of years trying to start a photography career & has worked on a campaign for Burberry
· says he doesn't listen to people who say he's where his is only because of his parents
· recently published a book of photographs to what seems like very minimal critical acclaim
· Victoria suggested he go to college for photography & he's headed to NY to study this fall
choice excerpts:
Have you ever felt like you've been underestimated because of how young you are to be so accomplished?
Yeah, especially when people knew I was shooting Burberry, everyone was kind of—some were annoyed, and I kind of got quite a bit of hate for that. But I think once the photos came out, people could really see that photography was my thing that I wanted to do. So I feel like people are starting to take me more seriously as a photographer now.

How did you end up publishing a book at just 18?
Penguin came to me two and a half years ago. I was really shocked and I couldn’t believe that they’d actually ask me to just yet, because I’d just kind of started. It took two years to really get it to its final thing, but it’s been a really cool process, and I’m really happy with it. They actually first saw my work on Instagram, which has kind of helped—it's where I post my photos and use my following to get my work out there, which I feel like is what most people nowadays do.
Is that typical with you and your friends? Do they often ask you to take their photo?
I’m kind of selective of the people that I take photos of. Like, I don’t take pictures of just my friends, but I do like taking pictures of just some of my close mates, especially out in L.A. There's one of my really close ones, Cody [Simpson], in the book.
What about your family? Are they tired of you taking photos of them at this point?
They’re kind of used to it, really. At first they were like, Why are you taking pictures? But I really enjoy taking pictures of my family, and I feel like they're some of my strongest work—and what people like. I love taking pictures of my mum, brothers, my sisters. My dad’s pretty cool, too.
I imagine [Victoria] was helpful when you shot your first Burberry Brit campaign. How old were you then?
I was 16, or maybe beginning of 17, and it was really nerve-wracking because it was kind of like the beginning of my photography [career]. But then throughout the day, I got used to it and I developed a good relationship with the models. And I made sure I didn’t use well known models—I used models who hadn’t really done a lot yet.
Did you work on the casting with Christopher Bailey and the team, too?
Yeah, they gave me a whole list of options of different people, including some well-known ones. But I like to shoot new faces—not established ones like, you know, Kendall Jenner. But I was really lucky to get that opportunity, and Christopher was such a huge inspiration—I really do look up to him. He’s a really nice lad.
full interview @ the source


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