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21 TV Dads That Prove DILF's Are A Thing


Fernando Sucre, Prison Break

About: Fernando Sucre is Michael Scofield's cell mate in Fox River State Penitentiary. He is serving time for robbing a liquor store to get money to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Maricruz Delgado. His cousin Hector turned him in because he was also interested in Maricruz.

Despite his criminal past, Sucre is generally a good person and is fiercely devoted to the people he cares about. He frequently makes decisions with his heart not his head.

Sucre initially wants nothing to do with Michael's plan to escape and requests a new cell mate, but eventually he helps in the planning using his inside connections when he learns Maricruz is pregnant and about to marry his cousin.

He becomes one of the Fox River Eight on the run from authorities. He and Michael remain close, bailing each other out frequently.

Background: He is Puerto Rican but grew up in Chicago.

rick rrick

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

About: Rick Grimes is a former sheriff deputy who was shot in the line of duty and fell into a coma, only to awaken and find himself in the midst of the apocalypse. He travels to Atlanta, Georgia, in search of his wife, Lori, and his son, Carl, who have traveled to Atlanta with his best friend, Shane Walsh. After reuniting with his family, along with discovering a group of survivors, he gradually becomes the de-facto leader in their search of a safe haven. He's the current leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and one of the Co-Leaders of The Milita, the others being Maggie Rhee and Ezekiel.

As the series progresses, Rick gradually develops from an earnest, humble and moral individual into a hardened, ruthless and darker survivor. This nature places him into conflict with hostile forces seeking to exploit him for their own personal gain. Despite this, Rick holds a sworn devotion towards his group and will go towards great lengths to protect them from harm's way.


Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

About: Coach Taylor epitomizes the ideal football coach. He is tough, commands respect, and is an excellent motivator. But his true strength lies in his ability to connect with and care for his players. As his wife puts it, he is "an educator first and a molder of men." Taylor may not always make the right decision, but he always makes them with the right intentions. He is a stabilizing influence for his young players, many of which lack a fatherly figure.

575 nb

Dexter Morgan, Dexter

About: Dexter Morgan is a forensic analyst specializing in blood spatter who happens to be a unique serial killer devoted strictly to the murder of other killers. In large part because of his work with Miami Metro's homicide division, Dexter is able to come in contact with criminals who might avoid traditional justice through the legal system. Dexter prefers to make his kills in sterile, almost surgical environments, usually explaining to his victims why they are being killed before the moment of death. While Dexter does have a dry sense of humor, he generally handles himself in an almost emotionless manner, evaluating situations as objectively as possible.


Derek Sheperd, Grey's Anatomy

About: Derek Shepherd was an attending neurosurgeon and board director at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He was married to Meredith Grey and they have two daughters, Zola and Ellis and a son, Bailey.

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What tv (or movie) dad do you think is a DILF??
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