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Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock's attacker has been given a three year restraining order

Follow up to this post.

  • Unemployed bodybuilder Terroll Lewis assaulted Leigh-Anne in an altercation in a restaurant last year. He slapped her.

  • CCTV footage of the incident was played in court showing the bodybuilder, who claims to be a video blogger, slapping Leigh-Anne before she recoiled in horror.

  • This was part of Leigh-Anne's statement: "The assault did not leave any cuts, bruises or marks. However, the boldness of the guy to assault me like that left me in a state of shock, embarrassment and humiliation."

  • Terroll claimed he had meant to "push Leigh-Anne's face", calling the slap an accident, but the district judge rejected the claims.

  • He was giving a three-year restraining order.

  • He's being extra about it on Instagram and a lot of men are siding with him and claiming that the media is treating him like this just because he's a black man. They also think that he's innocent and that Leigh-Anne is lying.

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Tags: legal / lawsuit, little mix

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