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Matt Shankman talks Game of Thrones' "death from the sky"

People are still reeling from last night's Game of Thrones episode, "The Spoils of War," and for good reason. Fans have been waiting years for the events that took place and the wait was definitely worth it.

GOT first-timer Matt Shankman talked to THR all about how he brought the episode to life.

-- "The Loot Train Battle" saw dragons scortch earth in Westeros for the first time in centuries, with Dorthraki on the ground for the first time in history massacring everyone in their path.
-- Shankman spent a good 6 months on the sequence alone, calling it the most challenging and rewarding experience of his career.
-- Decided to focus on Jamie for the duration of the battle, taking a traditional fighter and following his reaction as the kind of battles he knew went right out the window. Likens the dragons to the introduction of the atom bomb.
-- Looked at other battle sequences from the show for inspiration, as well as films like Apocalypse Now, Saving Private Ryan, and Stagecoach.
-- Did research on Comanche war tactics for the Dothraki. Specially mentions how Comanche avoided attacks by cutting off the legs of enemy horses.
-- Says the most difficult part of the shoot was safety. Fire, actors, and horses all in close promoxity to each other is not a good mix.
-- Directs next weeks episode, "Eastwatch."

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