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Podcast Post: Who? Weekly Sends Love to ONTD!

•On the latest episode of the already iconic podcast WHO? WEEKLY Lindsey & Bobby reference costantinini's post about Rita Ora opening the Teen Choice Awards

•Lindsey particularly likes placentipede's comment: "Has a single teen ever chosen her?"

•They say some nice things about ONTD <3

Listen to the episode here!

Other recent podcast episodes:

Reply All has a two part special that concluded a few days ago. The first episode details Alex Goldman trying to figure out information on a telephone scammer based in India that tried to trick him into thinking his computer has a virus. The second episode sees Alex actually fly to India to confront the men responsible for running the scam (and things go off the fucking rails).

Song Exploder talks to rock band, Grizzly Bear.

The Nerdist interviews Jane Lynch. Recent past interviews include James Van Der Beek and Al Gore.

Radiolab explores the potential impact of some insane new technology and then follows it up by learning about people dedicated to preserving the truth

What other episodes are worth checking out, ONTD? Oh and: Good form, Bella Thorne!
Sources:1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / Photo Source
Tags: interview, music / musician, ontd, ontd original, podcasts, rita ora

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