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Tinashe post! Madonna's advice; "Hot Sauce" demo leaks; working with Mike WiLL Made-It.

Tinashe gave an interview for The Galore magazine and talked about her life, sexism, music industry, work and more.

- When asked about if she keeps her social life private on purpose, she said:

"Yes, and I also don’t really have much of one. I guess I don’t necessarily try to be part of the Hollywood scene.
You can easily avoid it or easily make yourself part of it, as far as going to the Hollywood hot spots where you know TMZ will be and you know people will photograph you. It’s kind of a decision you make. You can go to different parts of the city and those people aren’t there.
As far as my personal and dating life, it’s relatively nonexistent. Half because I really don’t have the time and don’t make it a priority. Whenever I do get involved with someone, I don’t wanna just sabotage it right away [by going public]. Like it’s gotta be a real thing for me if I’m gonna get involved."

- When asked if she thinks guys get away with behavior women would never get away with at work, she said:

Yeah for sure… like being in studio situations. When I make a song, I’m going there to make a song. I never bring people with me or a posse, I wouldn’t bring friends. I just would roll up to the studio solo, because when I make a song I like to be in the zone. The least amount of people the better.
[But there] would be situations where I’d pull up and be there for the music and the right reasons, and [guys who brought big groups of friends would] deflect the session into like, how many one night stands have you had? How many threesomes have you had? Really inappropriate things.
Or people wanting to take me out. We were in the studio together and they were like, “Come to my house,” and tried to get me to get in their car and leave with them, different things like that.
It’s been a process but I think again the more respect I’ve gained, the less that’s happened.

- When asked about the best advice she ever got from someone in the music industry, she said:

Recently I met Madonna at an Alexander Wang party and she told me, “Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone in the industry,” which I think is amazing advice coming from Madonna. Because it’s so true that as a woman there is so much competition placed on us, that we start to think about ourselves in that way and we start to judge ourselves and really pit ourselves against other female artists, because that’s what society will do to us. She said, “Don’t compare yourself to any other artist and don’t take shit from anybody.” And I was like, “Yes, Madonna, I won’t.”

Do read the rest of the interview and see more pics at Source.

Tinashe's version of Travis Scott and PartyNextDoor's "Hot Sauce" leaked yesterday. The track is known as an outtake from Travis' second album. It is unclear if this a demo she recorded for him or if she recorded the song after he turned it down.

Listen here:

In other news, apparently Tinashe worked again with Mike WiLL Made It. Tinashe replied with "soon" to a fan asking for new music, and then Mike replied to the tweet.:

The duo worked together before in the Aquarius track "Thug Cry" and in the SoundCloud exclusive "Energy".

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