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Wynonna Earp 2X10 promo, plus post 2X09 interviews

Promo for 2X10, “I See a Darkness”. Synopsis: [Spoiler (click to open)]'The team may not be able to save one of their own after a deadly run-in with the Widows.'

Emily Andras
sat down with both EW and The TV Junkies to discuss 2X09.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

* The demons are drawn to the seals and their power, the creepy doll came from the painting and was tasked with stealing the third seal- Doc's ring. Emily wouldn't say if the doll incited rage and violence or encourage painful truths and left it up to the viewers. Wynonna and Doc were due for a real talk and were both right about a lot of things, even if they were kinda shitty about it.

* The Widows took Mercedes' face and then left her to rot in her basement with the dead body of her sister, who had suffered similar torture. But the real Mercedes Gardiner won't go down without a fight and Wynonna won't be happy about what happened to her friend. The Widows were kept together in a box for 150 years, there's some tension there. 'Widow Bet' is tired of being the Beta to 'Widow Mercedes', especially considering that Widow Mercedes' power, influence and stolen face is fading ever since Wynonna shot her with Peacemaker.

* Rosita is very smart and every inch a survivor. She's a reluctant Revenant and according to the story she told Waverly, one who was caught in Wyatt Earp's crossfire with a stone cold criminal. She does like Waverly and believes in love, she meant it when she urged Waverly to go get her girl. Unfortunately, Nicole received a visit from Widow Mercedes. Rosita's desire to be part of the gang is true, it's lonely being a Revenant, Emily is worried about her feelings for Doc and that she's going to get hurt. Tamara Duarte didn't know she was playing a Revenant from the beginning, Emily didn't want it to affect the natural warmth and empathy of her performance.

* Bot girls were drunk, emotional and in a hot tub- the second the kiss happened, both of them knew it was a foolish mistake. If anything the kiss only served to remind them both of who they each truly love: Doc and Nicole. But it doesn't mean Waverly and Rosita can't be friends. If anything, Rosita's passionate counsel urged Waverly to make up with Nicole ASAP- life is too short for conflict when you've finally found the one, even if you're a Revenant.

* Emily can't talk about the cliffhanger and how worried we should be about Nicole. All she'd say is 'Brace yourselves- but put your faith in love'.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

* The widows are on different paths and you really see that come to fruition in the next episode. There's a power struggle going on and Mercedes is weakening from the Peacemaker gunshot wound and seems to be rotting from the inside out, or her witch body is rejecting Mercedes' face. Waverly is special, she is beloved, pure and un-corrupted, but does Beth have insight into something to do with Waverly that's more supernatural special? Emily hopes Tucker in this wasn't too triggering, his language was almost more terrifying than a lot of the creature's we've encountered, because it's so close to reality for a lot of women. Talking down to Waverly, his expectations and ownership he took of her, it's chilling.

* About the Waverly-Rosita kiss- they were in a hot tub, drinking champagne, Rosita looks like Rosita and Waverly desperately needed some kindness at this point in time, the second Waverly did it, she knew it was a huge mistake. It's that feeling of wanting to feel something, to feel warmth and connect with someone. Waverly is also still exploring her sexuality and Rosita is a delicious, lovely person. But there's no doubt about Waverly's feelings for Nicole, before the kiss is even over, the first thing she's thinking of is Nicole. Rosita also acknowledges that it's a mistake and she encouraged Waverly to go get her girl at the end, she knows that what Waverly and Nicole have is unique, special and worth fighting for.

* Emily likes about the Waverly-Rosita friendship that it's two hot girls in bikinis who are probably the smartest people in Purgatory, maybe tied with the other gay in Purgatory, Jeremy. Rosita is someone who didn't know Waverly's history, who isn't from this small town with preconceived notions of what Waverly Earp is, there's something intoxicating about that chance to reinvent yourself and to be seen through someone's eyes who doesn't have the baggage of your past mistakes. Emily is intrigued by Rosita and her warmth and empathy. She's in a tough spot- she's dating Doc, who she obviously cares about very much, but he's having a baby with Wynonna, who is his number one girl. Rosita is on the outs and she's working very hard to make these inroads with Waverly and seems genuine about it. Emily won't write perfect relationships, because they don't exist in real life and would be a disservice to relationships on the show. They'll continue to give us real characters who are flawed and make mistakes and even WayHaught need to figure stuff out sometimes.

* Every year on the show they like to stretch the boundaries between good vs. evil and black vs. white. There's a huge gray area, which we are continuing to see, last week with Robert Svane becoming Bobo and now with Rosita. The circumstances in which she became a Revenant are no 'ideal', she dated one guy to piss off another and got caught in Wyatt's crossfire, the circumstances of the curse and messy and sometimes it's truly not fair. Dolls already figured out she was a Revenant, because of their encounters when he was chained to the bed in 2X04 and she was taunting him with the drugs, he figured out she had a specific beef against him and Black Badge. He's also part Dragon/Lizard, so he has a sense that she was other. He's less concerned with what she is and more with getting what he wants and having access to his drugs apart from her. He gave her tickets to the spa so he could steal the formula for the drugs.

* Tim and Melanie together, there's so much chemistry there and it was Emily's favorite part of the episode. Emily likes when people have an argument on tv, if they're characters we love and respect, she likes it when they are both right on some level. Doc is being selfish and should do anything to help Wynonna break the curse and save the baby, and it's really her choice to make how she does it. At the same time, Wynonna is pretty cavalier about saying to Doc 'can you just give up your agelessness over these Twizzlers?' It's a lot to ask, given all that Doc has already sacrificed for Wynonna. They were due for a blowout but it also summarizes for the audience, in a very emotional way, where we're at and the stakes for the last three episodes. We have two seals broken, we have one left and if we break it, the demon who cast the Earp Curse in the first place will rise from his tomb, and then what happens? The last three episodes are 'bananas'. Emily is also worried about Doc being mortal...

* Beau Smith (Wynonna Earp comic creator) was just visiting the set with his family and his cameo at the beginning og the episode came about organically. Emily asked the director if he could find a way to get Beau into the scene and he did. Dom has been training with those sticks last year, they knew she had those skills but didn't feel like in S1 it made sense for Waverly to fight like this. Now it makes sense that she's been training to be better, to try to be a member of the team and protect her sister and baby. It's a natural fit and Emily likes that this time it was Earp sisters and Dolls teaching them, we see how much hings have evolved. About 2X10: [Spoiler (click to open)] It's blistering, relentless and all our characters have to make sacrifices and incredibly difficult Sophie's choices. It's one of the most intense episodes we've ever done, it also features a very special feline guest star.

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Do you already have a Dolls and is he your daddy?

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[Spoiler (click to open)]

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