puchi van cartier (machucartier) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
puchi van cartier

ICON Jennifer López makes ONTD's wish come true! Continues to flaunt her man even though no1cares!

-op told jenny to promote ha WORLDWIDE SMASH semi descent hit at :11
-jenny was on the set of her CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED series shades of blue
-2 "surprises" are coming to spotify on monday!
-benny, ha manager whose past his experimentation date, is meeting with sony this week about the album
-mama is filming the second single music video in the next few weeks
-lots of promo coming soon
-"que se joda" is a monster track. yas represent!
-album is coming out later this year


do u get ur faves together, ontd? do you also overshare your man on social media?
Tags: jennifer lopez, latino celebrities

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