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Good news, 90's kids: TRL & SNICK are coming back

· In an interview w/NYT, MTV president Chris McCarthy announced plans to revamp TRL for a new generation as part of Viacom's attempt to make the network relevant again
· The show will come back in October, and the plan is to film it in its old Times Square location on 44th & Broadway. It'll be an hour long show that might turn into a two or 3 hour-long show if it's successful. Carson Daly isn't coming back; it'll be hosted by 5 unknowns
· McCarthy previously oversaw projects for Logo, MTV2 & VH1 which took the networks out of 5 yrs of decline. He took over MTV in 2016 and scapped the network's plan to pour money into MTV News, instead focusing on reality shows & music. He's also responsible for this year's gender neutral acting categories at the MTV Movie Awards. He's developing a reality show featuring young, gender non-comforming people

Snick is returning! But just for this month, apparently.

source 2

What're your favorite TRL moments, ONTD?
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