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Vanity Fair Stands By Angelina Jolie Story & Releases Interview Transcript

- more detailed background here and here
- summary: in vanity fair, angelina jolie revealed the casting process for the female lead in the upcoming film first they killed my father. the directors put money on the table, asked the child to come up with a story of why they needed it and take it, then the child would have to come up with a lie about it. this was called emotionally abusive and potentially triggering by critics. angelina later claimed this was taken out of context.
- according to vanity fair, angelina's lawyers contacted the magazine asking for the paragraph to be removed from the article and a statement to be made to clarify the issue.
- vanity fair responded by releasing the transcript.

on casting the lead: "But it was very hard to find a little Loung. And so it was what they call a slum school. I don't think that’s a very nice word for it, but a school for kids in very poor areas. And I think, I mean they didn't know. We just went in and—you just go in and do some auditions with the kids. And it's not really an audition with children. We had this game where it would be—and I wasn't there and they didn't know what they were really doing. They kind of said, 'Oh, a camera’s coming up and we want to play a game with you.' And the game for that character was 'We're going to put some money on the table. Think of something that you need that money for.' Sometimes it was money, sometimes it was a cookie. [Laughter] 'And then take it.' And then we would catch them. 'We're going to catch you, and we'd like you to try to lie that you didn’t have it.'"

on casting Srey Moch as the lead: "This is the girl. And then when she was forced to give it back became very kind of like strong, emotional, she became overwhelmed with emotion that she was—and she just—all of these different things flooded out. And I don't think she or her family would mind me saying when she was later asked what that money was for, she said her grandfather died and they didn't have enough money for a nice funeral."

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