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ONTD Fave Carly Rae Jepsen Thinks The Song of the Summer Race is a "Dangerous Trap"

On fans calling "Cut to the Feeling" the Song of the Summer: "Obviously, it’s really flattering to hear that, but the song of the summer idea has always seemed a little crazy to me because I think you can have whole soundtracks and many songs."

• Feels that the yearly rat face to have one song declared as the "Song of the Summer" is a dangerous trap to get into. Feels it takes the heart out of writing music and you get caught up referencing songs that have worked before especially in the Los Angeles writing scene.

• Explains how there was a transition between the massive hype of "Call Me Maybe" into E*MO*TION but that she's content with her current mindie success. Carly adds: "It’s a little more intimate and less No. 1s, but I really don’t need those to be happy."

• Would love to share more unreleased material from the E*MO*TION sessions but feels she wouldn't be able to get away with releasing a Side C (my impact).

Read the full interview at the source.

humble Queen.

ONTD, what is/are your Song(s) of Summer Seventeen?

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