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J-Pop Megapost: Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, Hoshino Gen, and More!

Utada Hikaru Releases Music Video for "Forevermore"

Last week, Utada Hikaru released "Forevermore" as her second digital single since her comeback album "Fantôme". At the time of its release, her team also unveiled the music video for her latest single. Officially speaking, only a short version has been uploaded onto Youtube with region restriction. When asked about an international release of the music video, Hikki's staff team announced that it will be available internationally on August 10th, but have not given an explanation as to why the music video is not yet available for those outside of Japan.

Luckily, there have been alternative sources to watch the music video before it's officially released to the dirty gaijins including the one below! The song is currently in a deadheat for the #1 position with Sandaime J Soul Brother's Hiroomi Tosaka's solo debut single "Wasted Love" across multiple digitial platforms (Seriously LDH/HIRO, do you get a boner off of trying to steal Hikki's thunder?). It is also used as the theme song for the Japanese drama "Gomen, Aishiteru" (A remake of the Korean Drama "Sorry, I Love You").

Alternative source because SMEJ put a region block on it.
op note: if you havent seen it do it now because it could be taken down at any moment, they even forced arama to remove their personally hosted video so sony isnt playing rofl

Koda Kumi Releases Music Video for "LIT"

In an attempt to compete with Itano Tomomi with outdated slang terms as inspiration for new music, Koda Kumi is releasing a new special physical single entitled "LIT". The single will only be available for purchase at her tour venues as well as avex's official shop mu-mo. Her team also revealed that two additional special singles of this nature will be released in October and December. "LIT" only comes in one edition: CD + DVD including the song track, instrumental, music video, and a film featuring the production process of "LIT".

To promote the release, avex has released the music video for "LIT" as well as teasers for the film showing the production of "LIT".

Music Video

Production Teasers

Hoshino Gen Releases Music Video for "Family Song"

Popular singer-songwriter-actor Hoshino Gen is releasing a new single titled "Family Song". This will be Hoshino Gen's first single since his immensely popular single "Koi" (It stayed #1 for 14 consecutive weeks on both iTunes and Recochoku's charts). The song serves as the theme song of new J-drama "Kahogo no Kahoko". The music video for this highly anticipated single has released a few days ago. It features a family unit that also serves as a band playing the instrumentals of the song. However, almost the entire family is genderbent; Hoshino Gen appears as the mother of the family, actress/singer Mitsuki Takahata plays the role of the father, comedian Takashi Fujii and Petrolz singer/guitarist Ryosuke Nagaoka are the daughters of the family, and Noriyasu “Kasuke” Kawamura appears as the grandmother of this family unit. In typical Hoshino Gen fashion, he promotes the single and its DVD contents midway into the music video. The music video can be found at the source as the video cannot be embed on LiveJournal.

The single will be released on August 16th with two formats: CD Only and CD + DVD.

Namie Amuro Sues Tabloid "Josei Seven" for Libel and Publishing Photos of her Son
As previously reported, Namie Amuro's son Haruto has been making news with an article published about his potential debut and life in general. The article has since stirred conversations about Haruto due to Namie keeping her family and private life away from the public eye with little information or images since her divorce and regaining custody of her son. Furthermore, pictures of Haruto Amuro in particular is almost nonexistent with the exception of a single tabloid picture of him walking with Namie (Shot from their back, so there is still no pictures of his face).

Namie is now suing tabloid "Josei Seven" for libel and publishing photos of her with her son. What makes this situation interesting are the several layers that can be explored in this lawsuit given the lack of information surrounding this lawsuit. While publishing photos of her son without her permission is clearly mentioned in what is known in the lawsuit, it is currently not known what content her lawyers are suing for libel. While some people assume it's lumped in with the photo in question, some speculate that she is also suing Josei Seven for past claims of her being "brainwashed" and a serial cheater.

According to the Tokyo District Court and available documents surrounding this lawsuit, Namie is suing Shogakukan of Hitotsubashi Group (The publishing company behind Josei Seven) for 110,000,000 yen (Approx 990,000 USD) as well as a demand for a written apology. Namie states that the article produced by Josei Seven made her feel a strong sense of comfort and anxiety due to the libel featured on the article as well as having her privacy violated.

Josei Seven has declined to comment on the lawsuit at the time in which the source's source reported this lawsuit.

DANCE EARTH PARTY Releases Music Video for "POPCORN"
DANCE EARTH PARTY is releasing their latest single "POPCORN" on August 30th. This will be their first release since E-Girls underwent a format change including subunit Dream's disbandment and graduation from E-Girls. Former Dream and E-Girls member Shizuka in particular decided to focus on her second LDH subunit DANCE EARTH PARTY in her message addressing Dream's disbandment from E-Girls and as a group.

Some Japanese Fans of Wonder Woman are not Happy with the Lyrics of Theme Song "Onna wa Hitori ja Nemurenai" by Nogizaka46

Japanese fans of Wonder Woman have not been as receptive of the film since its promotion spots late last year. While Japanese promotion of the film made note of Wonder Woman's strength and power, the promotion spots and commercials also portrayed Wonder Woman as an "innocent" girl who knows nothing about men or love. Since Wonder Woman is not a household name in Japan compared to other DC characters such as Batman and Superman, fans saw this movie as Wonder Woman's introduction tot he Japanese public.

This topic recently popped up again due to the release of the Japanese theme song for the movie. The theme song "Onna wa Hitori ja Nemurenai" (T/N: A woman can't sleep by herself) was criticized by some fans for its title and lyrics contradicting with Wonder Woman's character. Fans felt that the songs lyrics about love and seeking companionship contradicts with Wonder Woman's strong, powerful, independent character. The song itself also received mixed reviews from fans as some felt that the instrumentals are a good fit with Wonder Woman while others wished that a stronger, more powerful sounding song was selected for the movie.

The song's lyrics can be found under the cut. Music video of the song can be found at the source since it can't be embed on LiveJournal.

The searchlight shines on the steel beams of the construction site
What dream did they have for this city’s future?
A heavy love hangs on the rooftop crane
Where will it be carried to?
Even if I turn my eyes above, darkness is all there is
The only flashes of light are beyond that
A woman can’t always sleep by herself (love gets in the way)
What should I do?
My feeling are stirring, and I can’t sleep (something in my heart is crying out)
I’m not not not lonely. I want to be with someone
A siren calls out as dawn come to the street corner
What have I given up on since yesterday?
The warmth that came from my stubborn beliefs
Is laughing with my cold bedsheets
Even if I try to stop it, things end up the same
I’m shackled by my foolish love
Some day, a woman can sleep alone (once she stops dreaming)
Until then, she sleeps with her eyes open (this world is just an illusion)
I’m not not not lonely. And I don’t cry
I want to be strong
I won’t rely on anything in this lonely world
My desire excites me
A woman, a woman, can’t always sleep by herself (love gets in the way)
What should I do?
My feeling are stirring, and I can’t sleep (something in my heart is crying out)
I’m not not not lonely. I want to be with someone.
I’m not not not lonely. I want to be with you.

Hiroomi Tosaka Releases Music Video for Wasted Love for his Solo Debut

As mentioned in the Utada Hikaru portion of the post, Hiroomi Tosaka is making his debut as a soloist with the release of Wasted Love. The digital single is competing with Utada Hikaru's "Forevermore" on various digital charts. Music video and embarrasing praise for a generic EDM song hype teasers can be found below.

Music Video


Utada Hikaru 1a / 1b / 2 / 3
Koda Kumi 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Hoshino Gen 1
Namie Amuro 1 / 2
Wonder Woman/Nogizaka46 1 / 2
Hiroomi Tosaka 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

akb48 also released their senbatsu single, but i figured the wonder woman/nogizaka46 news would interest ontd more
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