somnus_angel (somnus_angel) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Creators of Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and More Teaming up for a Draw-A-Thon Charity!

Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls), Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe), Ian Jones Quartey (OK KO! Let's be Heroes), and Dana Terrace (Gravity Falls/Ducktales) are all teaming up tonight to draw whatever you request for charity. They are fighting back on Trump's ban on Transgender Troops from join the military and donating all the money they recieve tonight to the Trevor Project which helps LGBT youths on crisis and suicide prevention. Alex Hirsch and Dana Terrace also hosted draw-a-thon charity streams in the past donating different organizations liked Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. The stream starts tonight at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST which you can watch here. The link to the donation page is here.

I'm glad they are doing this again, I definitely recommend watching it's usually a lot fun and for a good cause! (still love a cute drawing I got too from one of their older streams)
Tags: animation, cartoon network, charity, disney, lgbtq / rights

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