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Cleverman: How A Landmark Series Became The Benchmark and Season 2 Finale Recap

- An Aussie-Kiwi co-production, in partnership with Sundance TV in the U.S, 'Cleverman' boasted an 80 percent Indigenous cast, and was the first Australian series to premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival.
- The idea of the show first came to Ryan Griffen (creator, producer and writer) when his son Koen was 3 and would dress up as Ninja Turtles, that's when Ryan realised he wants to create Indigenous superhero to whom his son could connect in the same way.
- Made sure to talk to Elders to gain permission to use the stories on the show. Describing it as "black Harry Potter" was a breakthrough in negotiations, giving a clearer picture of what their intentions were.
- Hunter Page-Lochard (Koen) originally was auditioning for the role of Djukara and was cast as him for 2-3 weeks during which the creators still couldn't find their Cleverman so eventually he had to read as Koen opposite Rob Collins and that's when he got the lead role.
- "The show is a lot more popular overseas than in Australia, which is disappointing though not surprising, but it's putting us on the map. Not just Australia, I mean the true culture of Australia," - Hunter.

[Double cut for Season 2 Finale Recap just to make sure no one gets spoiled]

- Koen finds Linda sobbing next to a pile of the dead Hairies at the hideout.
- Dolan deactivates Alinta’s security tag. She sneaks out of the house but doesn't get rid of the tag which later would lead Waruu to Dolan's house. He arrests Dolan for harboring Hairy sympathizers, forces Nerida and Alinta to come with him, leaving Linda alone at the dinner table.
- Jarli, Latani and Riwarri, a Bindawu warrior, storm Bennelong House where Latani finally reunites with her mother Araluen.
- Koen now can transform into a falcon. Is there anything he can't do?
- Jarli starts to lead the Hairies out of the building but retreats when CA snipers open fire, killing Riwarri.
- Waruu goes to Bennelong House and instructs the CA to hold their fire. Jarli walks outside and declares that his tribe will take the land back from humans. Waruu spots Koen in a window.
- Koen offers to distract the CA while Araluen leads the Hairies out through a secret escape route. Jarli refuses to flee.
- Koen walks outside and offers to surrender if the government agrees to negotiate a treaty with the Hairies. Waruu shakes his hand in agreement. Koen has a vision of Waruu breaking his nulla nulla and of Frith shaking Jarli’s hand at a public ceremony.
- The Hairies escape through a tunnel. But we're not sure if they are safe.
- The final showdown between Waruu and Koen.
- No one still has any idea what's the point of the new girl.

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Have you been watching this amazing show? Are you as mad as I am at [Spoiler (click to open)]fuckload of cliffhangers they left us with?
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