The View chats with Michael Moore and talks about the NAACP travel ban on Missouri

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi
Today's 🔥 topics:
It's Thursday. If you watched the show live, Sara came out with her baby boy Alec who did a backwards crawling moonwalk. Back on topic though, the panel talks about the travel advisory that NAACP sent out in regards to Missouri. They passed Senate Bill 43 which makes it hard to for employees to prove their class and gender. It led to unlawful discrimination.

They talk about Steven Miller clashing with CNN's Jim Acosta during yesterday's White House presser. Joy makes a joke about that they should just let people who speak Russian. Sunny mentions him as the architect of the Muslim Travel Ban and his annoyances at people not understanding English. Joy states that we have a President who doesn't understand the difference between presidential and precedential.

Other hot topics discussed was Aziz Ansari quitting the internet as well as Bon Jovi avoiding Chris Christie.

They chat with Michael Moore about 45 and how he won. They also mention abolishing electoral college and what the Democrats need to do. He's promoting his one-man-show on Broadway right now.

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