puchi van cartier (machucartier) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
puchi van cartier

IRV Gotti Talks About ICON J.Lo's I'm Real Remix & How Tommy Mottolla Orchestrated the Whole Thing!

- damn irv got old
- starts at 2:10
- tommy heard "if we" from the glitter soundtrack (also, why isn't that amazing masterpiece on spotify?!)
- he called irv at 6 am and said to make a record for jenny lo. with ja rule that's a duet
- irv knew tommy had heard if we and since he loathed mariah it was obvs
- irv wanted full created control. made the song in 10 mins.
- damn, mero looks GOOD.
- he wrote the record cuz jenny hadn't had a song for the projects
- desus and irv said it's cool jenny saying "the n-word" cuz it's new york and jenny's a n-word
- tommy was so into made it happen he gave irv and ja the sony jet for the week so they could be on the original i'm real video
- the original i'm real is the def of GLOW and BEAUTY and CHOREOGRAPHY oh wow your faves could never


r u still blaming a WOC for a feud with a fellow WOC started and orchestrated by a trash man, ontd?
Tags: jennifer lopez, latino celebrities, mariah carey

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