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Lana Del Rey Interview on KROQ's The Kevin & Bean Show

Lana Del Rey on Stevie Nicks: “I could totally call her. I have to say it’s one of these amazing career and life things where I do consider her a friend and I love her. You never really know with women how it’s going to go, but she just wanted to be there right away. She sent flowers after the track was done, got me a present for my birthday… it’s funny because she’s the one who’s so legendary but she’s the one who really put all the extra effort in and didn’t make anything hard clearance-wise.”

• Says "Coachella-Woodstock in my Mind" and "Cherry" are two of her favorite tracks on the new album.

• "Lust For Life" took about 14 months to complete.

• Might release songs online that didn't make the cut from the new album.

• Felt this album was lighter compared to "Born to Die" and thought the title "Lust for Life" made things come full circle.

congrats to Lana on getting that #1 despite Tidal's cheating ass ways tbh.

Tags: interview, lana del rey, music / musician

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