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Wonder Woman Soars Past Deadpool at Worldwide Box Office

Wonder Woman Soars Past Deadpool at Worldwide Box Office #WonderWoman

— MovieWeb (@movieweb) August 1, 2017

#WonderWomanEdges Past Deadpool's Global Box Office, Sets Sights on Another Superhero Record

— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) August 1, 2017

- Wonder Woman's global box office total is $788.6 million (now $789.1 million), surpassing Deadpool's $783.1 million
- Previously beat Deadpool in the US box office
- With a US box office total of $395.7 million, is also summer 2017's biggest box office winner, beating out Guardians of the Galaxy 2

- Is the highest-grossing film by a female movie director ever
- Is also the highest-grossing domestic release not distributed by Walt Disney or Universal since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in 2013

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