Beyonce allegedly in final neogations to voice Nala & produce/sing the soundtrack for The Lion King

  • The Beyhive team, a big Beyonce fan account that has leaked exclusives before they happened like the fact that Beyonce would be doing a dance off at the Superbowl and the Black Bill Gates Formation lyric, is saying that Beyonce is finalizing a $25 million deal with Disney for their live action Lion King remake

  • She is supposed to voice Nala

  • She will also be the producer and singer for the Lion King soundtrack

  • She's supposed to do full promotion including interviews despite not having done interviews in years

  • She will also have to make music videos, have a physical release, and release the soundtrack to all streaming platforms (aka no Tidal exclusive)

  • The soundtrack is supposed to feature songs that are "African and tribal inspired" and classic Lion King songs

Source: Twitter

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