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'Killjoys' creator Michelle Lovretta and actress Mayko Nguyen talk Delleela

For anyone who hasn't watched Friday's episode of Killjoys was a whirlwind. Not only did the episode feature fan favorite Fancy Lee (in his best story to date) and Delle Seyah Kendry, but it included homages to both Die Hard and Star Wars, kick ass action, character death, a cold open featuring pegging of all things and Delleela (Delle Seyah Kendry / Aneela) becoming canon.

Since season one of Killjoys fans have talked about the undeniable chemistry between Mayko Nguyen's Delle Seyah and Hannah John-Kamen's Dutch. However, at the end of season two with Delle Seyah seemingly killed at the hands of Johnny it obviously seemed like that ship had long sailed... that is until Delle Seyah is resurrected and essentially made immortal at the hands of villain Aneela (also played by John-Kamen).

"I had no idea that I was coming back until close to the third season..." Mayko Nguyen told The TV Junkies in a recent interview. "This year though, Delle Seyah definitely plays a much bigger part."

Nguyen also spoke of Delle Seyah's relationship with Dutch and while she loved the will they or won't they aspect and wondering where they were going to go, Aneela is much more on Delle Seyah's level.

"It's like Delle Seyah finally met someone she felt worth of following and it gives her a sort of ... calm stability. She's been topped, so to speak, and she kinda likes it, at least for now. Actually, she likes it a LOT. Her old life was pre planned for her by her ancestors, and now on this ship everything is new and exciting and anything is possible if Aneela wills it so. That's pretty seductive," Lovretta said to The TV Junkies. "I don't mean to suggest that Delle Seyah is some lovestruck moppet, not at all. This is early, tentative days. She's still a viciously brilliant tactitian who knows power equals security - but Aneela IS power. And instead of trying to fight someone else's status, for once, Delle Seyah wants to invest in and support it and nurture it."

She went on to say that essentially Delle Seyah is becoming the Johnny to Aneela's Dutch in terms of encouragement... but sexier and with more kissing and murder.

[And yes credit for the ship name goes to nomorefrostbite]

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This episode was everything. I can't wait to see what happens next. If you aren't watching yet what are you waiting for?
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